Social Media Scheduling on Autopilot

How can you possibly find time to post three times a day on Instagram and twice a day on Facebook?

Social media is a must have for any online business owner to create brand awareness, market their services and gain clients, but it can also be very time consuming.

Setting your social media scheduling on autopilot by pre-scheduling your content will allow you to show up consistently without spending hours on different platforms every day.

Today, I’m sharing with you some amazing tools and tricks that will help you automate your social media scheduling.



Time to ditch the spreadsheets! Smarterqueue is a social media scheduling tool that allows you to manage all of your social media profiles from one dashboard with tailored content for each platform, using powerful category-based scheduling. 

My favorite features of Smarterqueue are their evergreen feature and the visual content calendar. 

Smarterqueue allows you to automatically recycle your evergreen content, for new audiences to see – resulting in more engagement. Goodbye to manually re-scheduling your blog posts every week! With Smarterqueue you can simply set posts to recur. In the dashboard you can control how many days it will take before your posts are repeated to make sure you’re not bombarding your audience with the same posts over and over again. 

With the visual calendar you can view your whole month in one go. You can use filters to see your scheduled content by platform and use the drag & drop feature to change time slots.

Smarterqueue is ideal if you manage multiple social media profiles and you want to save time by repurposing evergreen content. 



Planoly is a scheduling tool for Instagram that allows you to manage your Instagram posts from your computer and mobile. With Planoly you can plan your feed visually using their drag & drop feature and use their autopost functionality to schedule your posts in batches. You can also create and save hashtag groups so you won’t have to type them in from scratch every time you schedule a post.

Inside the app you can even access your analytics, reply to comments, use free stock photos and add shoplinks to your posts.

I personally use Planoly to schedule and plan my Instagram every week (I usually schedule on Fridays for the week ahead). It saves me so much time to use pre-saved hashtags and to be able to copy and paste the content I’ve saved in my content calendar to Planoly. From spending 30 minutes a day on Instagram, I now only spend 30 minutes per week on Planoly to schedule my Instagram posts. 



Tailwind is a Pinterest (& Instagram) scheduler that has everything you need to drive traffic, leads, and sales from Pinterest to your blog or website.

With Tailwind, you won’t have to find time daily to post Pins as the tool allows you to schedule posts at the best times, recycle content, and monitor conversations. It will analyze the niche you’re in, and generate a Smart Schedule with the best times for you to Pin for audience engagement.


Ready to set your business processes on autopilot?

Check out my free toolbox and take a look behind the scenes of how I make sure the business I’m managing functions like clockwork.

I created a overview of tools that I’m using for me or my clients as I saw many entrepreneurs struggle when it came to picking the right tool.

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