Ever feel like you’re hustling away in your business?
Like you need to be everywhere at once?

I help online business owners quit the 24/7 hustle by cleaning up + streamlining their business so that they can work less and make more...RIGHT NOW!

Hi, I'm Bettina

...clean up and organize the mess in the backend of your business up your time so you can do more of the work you love and less of the work you don’t scale your one woman show into an empire (without the overwhelm!)

I'm here to...

What if you could run your business without feeling overwhelmed?

...are aimed to support business owners who need more than just a task ticker 

...are custom designed for your business, growth plans & budget

...range from launching big projects to managing daily operations and keeping the team on track

...include regular CEO meetings to bounce ideas off, discuss growth plans and review the performance of the team

The OBM Service Packages

We want to make sure you are running the business rather than the business is running you!

At Her Secret Weapon, we work with entrepreneurs and creatives in all stages of business to provide the unique structure and support you need. 

If you’re just laying the foundation of your business, we take things off your place so you can focus on working on the business and not in the business. 

If you’re scaling fast, we put systems, structures, and team-members in place that are necessary to support your growth.

Already smashing your goals? We make sure you’re having an efficient and smooth running business by managing all the the moving pieces of your business while keeping an eye on the big picture. 



Just need to get your shit on lock?
Check out our systems package here.

What our clients say

Working with Her Secret Weapon has been exceptionally valuable for my business. Bettina was able to streamline and optimize otherwise painful tasks for the many areas of my business from client onboarding to marketing activities. 

For me, being a successful business owner is all about maximising your strengths and hiring for your weaknesses. Working with Her Secret Weapon allowed me to outsource my worry and know that I had some solid business processes and foundations setup that allowed me to focus on doing what I do best, working with my clients to deliver them results. Thanks Bettina - I always look forward to our next project together!

Ella Cook

What our clients say

Bettina is a delight to work with. She is highly proactive, always coming up with new ideas and better ways to do things; resourceful, generously using her own contacts and relationships in the interest of the company; organised and extremely resilient.

She is a great asset for any team that might be lucky to work with her!


What our clients say

Her Secret Weapon helped me to create the necessary systems and workflows so my business can run on autopilot. Thanks to Bettina, I was able to break down my tasks and streamline my processes!


Before starting Her Secret Weapon, I worked in the fast-paced startup and VC world producing high-end events and managing entrepreneurship programs. I traveled the globe as a project manager to support startups and organizations in countries such as Germany, Africa and Indonesia. During that time, I also co-founded a non-profit organization to support entrepreneurs and co-authored a guidebook for startups.

Hi, I'm Bettina and as a go-to Online Business Manager for women in business, I’ve worked with six figure business owners who have been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post and Business Insider.



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it all started with my camera.


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