I absolutely love reading and it’s by far my favorite way to consume content! I read about 3-4 business books a month and 1-2 fiction books. Since I’m always curious about what other people are reading, I thought I’m using this platform to share with you what business books I’ve read over the course of each month and what my biggest takeaways were.




Get A Grip by Gino Wickmann and Mike Paton

This business fable is part of the Traction Library by Gino Wickmann, a collection of business books that help you get a grip on your business. It’s a perfect add-on after reading Traction as it really shows you how you can apply the tools Gino Wickmann teaches in a real business setting. 

Even though the book was written for larger organizations, it has very practical tips for any type of business and is a great reference to revisit every couple of months to optimize your business operations.


Life Changing Habit Series by Thibaut Meurisse

This book series consists of The One Goal, Upgrade Yourself and The Greatness Manifesto and is your personal blueprint for success and happiness. I really loved this book as it’s incredibly practical and super easy to digest. For each book you can also download a workbook from Thibaut’s website. It’s the perfect handbook to learn simple habits and strategies to transform your mindset, set goals and transform your life. 


Biggest take-away: I really resonated with how the author focuses on process-oriented goals rather than result-oriented goals. Setting processes-oriented goals allows you to have a control over your goals. Process-oriented goals will ensure you actually take consistent action and get results. An example for a process-oriented goal vs. a result-oriented goal is “Going to the gym 3 times a week” vs “Losing 5kg in three months”.  


Productivity Beast: An Unconventional Guide To Getting Things Done by Thibaut Meurisse

In Productivity Beast, Meurisse explains what productivity is and what it isn’t, how to overcome procrastination, why you aren’t valuing your time and how to plan your day for maximum productivity. As with all of Thibaut Meurisse’s books, Productivity Beast comes with a workbook to download from the author’s website. The author shares tips and tricks that are easy to implement and will make sure that you are spending your time not only efficiently but also effectively. He explains that being productive with the wrong things is wasting your time as even though you are being efficient, your not getting closer to your goals. 


Biggest take-away: Most people are task-oriented whereas in order to be really productive, you need to be result-oriented. So often, we spend time on meaningless tasks. The first step to boost our productivity, we need to focus on scalable, reusable tasks that have a high impact. Contrary to popular belief, productivity is not about managing time but rather about managing tasks efficiently. The difference here is that when you manage your tasks vs. your time, you focus on things that truly matter and have the highest priority.  


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